Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What inspires you?

A couple of days before I left for my recent shoot for Va. Bride magazine in Richmond, VA. I started looking for things to inspire me, something to get me excited about the shoot and provide a catalyst for creating some great images. This time it was work by Mario Testino that did the trick. While looking at Mario Testino's work, some other photographers' work and even some art work, I started to think about what inspires me to create new images or even to get out there and shoot. Sometimes it's great work from another photographer, as was the case with this past shoot. It can give me an idea, spark that creativity that I need to be able to go out and create my own images.
Sometimes it's a location that gets the creative juices flowing. I see an incredible location and my mind will start to churn out all these different ideas about models, clothes, poses, angles, lighting etc.. It's a great feeling when something like that happens and then you get to go and shoot those images you were seeing in your head.
There have even been times when just a sentence from someone around me sparked an idea for a shoot.
I never know exactly where inspiration will come from or in what form, but I have realized that it can come from anywhere.

Where does your inspiration come from, what inspires you?
Even if you're not a photographer, artist, creative director, art director, photo editor, makeup artist or stylist. (was that list a little too long? I think I could have stopped sooner) Even if you have a 9-5 behind a desk, hopefully there's something out there that inspires you to go out and do something you love. If not, start looking around you. I'm sure something will take hold of you, and inspire you.