Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rock-N-Roll Picture Show!

Most of what I shoot is Fashion and Advertising work, but years ago, when I was in my late teens and early  20's, I shot a lot of pictures for local rock bands (I'd even sometimes smuggle a camera into shoot some of the national bands, like Bon Jovi, Motley Crue and Guns-N-Roses). It's something I really love to shoot, but I hadn't shot anything like that in many years. Then, the opportunity came up for me to shoot a Rock Show! It was for my favorite local bands, who I hadn't worked with in close to 20 years! I was a little anxious about how this reunion would turn out. Could they all play as well, sing as well and perform as well? The answer to all those questions was Yes! It turned out to be a great show, the musicianship, the stage presence, the light show, the sound, everything was as good or better than the last time I saw them play. And best of all, I was able to do something I love to do and hadn't done in many years, Shoot a live rock show!

So, here is a small sample of the over 400 images I shot of that show. Everything from backstage, on stage, to out in the audience. Overall I had a great time and I hope to do it some more!