Thursday, May 9, 2013

1st NASCAR Driver shoot!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing my first shoot with a NASCAR driver, Bobby LaBonte.
As with most busy celebrities and business people, we had a limited time to do the shoot. We showed up an hour before Bobby was to be there and started to set up the lighting and backdrop. We had a 9 ft. white seamless backdrop setup on  portable backdrop stands. We then set one light head on each side about 7 ft. away from the backdrop (no umbrellas) and then used a 6 ft. Octadome as our main light, set just off to the left side approximately 9-10 feet away from where we would have Bobby standing.
Once the lighting was set up, we did a few test shots and dialed in the exact light I was going for.
This way, when Bobby showed up for the shoot, we were ready to go!

The shoot was a complete pleasure, and fun. Bobby showed up on time (no entourage), went straight to Heather Hawkins to make sure his hair looked good and he wasn't shiny, then the shoot began.
It was a straight forward shoot and Bobby knew exactly what to do.
At the end of the shoot, everyone was very happy with the images and I had a great time!

Here are 3 sample images from the shoot: