Friday, August 19, 2016

New Ad for Moen

Back a few months ago I was given the job of going to Cleveland and doing a shoot for Moen. The shoot was to consist of a group portrait and then individual portraits. All of this would be shot on location at a home under construction. So, no power, no heat or A/C, just the framing of the house to work with. We started early that morning and immediately started to figure out locations to shoot each of the individual portraits as well as the best location for the group portrait. Our goal was to make sure each of the team members from Moen could come in and be shot immediately and efficiently. We wanted the images to look as natural as possible, which meant very little additional lighting. We did have a Profoto B4 1000 with a 46" Photek softlighter we used for fill. After deciding on locations for everyone and doing a few test shots to prepare, we began shooting.  And it came out great! We were able to create some really nice images, Thanks to a great crew and a great Creative Director and Art Director, it all went smoothly.

Here are some samples of the final images: