Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If your client looks good, You look good

This is a philosophy I have had for many years. My goal is to always make my clients look good to whoever their client or boss is. Maybe it's an Art Director who needs the shoot to look great for the VP of Marketing, or an Ad agency that needs to look  like a hero to their client, or a company that wants to make their customers think of quality when they see the final images. Whatever my client's reason is for needing to look good, my goal is to fulfill that need. I want the VP of Marketing to think the Art Director did a great job, and I want the Ad agency's client to think they are a hero, and I want the customers not to hesitate before going with that companies merchandise. The reason behind this is very simple. If my client looks good, then I look good, to everyone.
So always do your best to make your client look good. Go out of your way to deliver the exact images they need and deliver them on time, or early. Give the best advice and answers you can. Get the best team to work with you. Shoot some images that may be a little more creative than what you were asked to shoot (As long as you have the time and after you get the "safe shots" ) I think clients like to see those shots, even if they don't use them.
So always go into a shoot with the goal of getting some great images and making your client look good. Because what it all comes down to is this, If your client looks good, everybody wins!