Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shoot After You Finish Shooting

I recently had a great shoot for Espera Magazine down in Miami. It was a full day shoot and we shot a lot of great images. But while one of the models was still there I decided to shoot some personal work. I figured I had a great model (Alessia Andrade), a great location, the hair and makeup was already done and looked beautiful, and I had, what I thought, was a great idea. So I asked Alessia if she would be up for shooting this idea I had and she said she was. Not only did she agree to shoot it, she gave her all and did a fantastic job!
This isn't the first time I've shot like this. I've found that I can get some great shots when I just pull something together after I've finished another shoot or even during a long lunch break.
You should only do this during your lunch break, as long as the model(s) you're shooting are not the models needed in the first couple of shots right after the lunch break, and your client is okay with it. I NEVER shoot personal work if it is going to interfere with the job I was hired to shoot! Your client must ALWAYS be your first priority.
When you shoot like this, you don't always get something wonderful, sometimes everyone is just too tired, but a lot of times you do get something great. And if you have the time to shoot something a little fun, it keeps the models full of energy and you never know when your client is going to love what you did and want to use it!
So, if you can shoot some great images at the end of the day after you've already finished your client's shoot, go for it and see what happens. If you have a lot of time between shots and your client is okay with it, shoot some of the models that are sitting around. It keeps everybody energized and cuts down on the amount of time you need for your model to get "warmed up".

Here are two shots I did at the end of the day in Miami with Alessia. Let me know how you think they turned out.